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Due to the recent national and international media attention on the fight for music at
Shady Park, we are receiving an overwhelming number of requests for more information about the matter. This has made it quite clear that this is about more than just Shady Park and instead is about the future of downtown Tempe. To ensure the facts are available to all and to limit misinformation, we have created this page for recent court documents, news stories, and police body cam videos - all of which are already publicly available but can often be hard to find. We offer this with no editorializing or advocacy so that each and every person who cares about this story, Shady Park and the future of downtown Tempe can decide for themselves.

Latest Updates

Court Of Appeals Ruling

Trial Updates

Court Of Appeals Ruling

Judge Astrowsky Recusal Letter

City Of Tempe Letter On Mirabella

City of Tempe
Amicus Brief

Judge Astrowsky Preliminary Injunction

Why Tempe Supports Shady Park's Appeal

Tempe PD Body Cam Footage

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